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CDBC Client installation

Use NuGet in Visual Studio

1. Open Nuget package manager.

Right-click your project and select Manager NuGet packages .

2. Install

  • Entry cdbc and search.
  • Select
  • Select the version you want to install and press install


You can download dlls and add reference to you project, but it not recommended.

3. Add configuration into you app.config

To connect to your CDBC service ,you need add system.serviceModel section into your app.config. Please find the detail at CDBC Client Configuration.

Here is a sample in case of your iis use anonymous authentication.

            <binding name="CdbcService" maxReceivedMessageSize="5798464" />
          <endpoint address="***Your service url" 
                    name="CdbcService.ICdbcService"  />

You can find more examples at Example configurations.